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Nana's Apple Pie
Nana’s Apple Pie

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You boys know…it’s all about the food. There’s a reason for that.

Food brings us together. It makes our taste buds and tummies happy. It makes us want to smile more. It makes us want to be glad that we are alive and get another chance to sit together to fellowship. Face it – it’s hard to be upset when you are eating something mouth wateringly delicious. Tastes can often trigger memories – and isn’t that what we’re trying to do here? Pass on memories?

It’s not enough that I pass along the stories of your family. It’s also about passing on traditions – and if there is a food tradition, how the heck am I going to pass it on if it’s stuck up here in my head?

I know…I know…there’s that one white binder filled with recipes in the pantry that has questionable stains all over it from all of the use it has seen over the years. But there’s only ONE cookbook. To date, there are 3 of you! Not to mention, when you boys grow up, get married, and have families of your own, there will be even more of you. I’m looking forward to having strong relationships with your future sweethearts and little ones. If each of you have 3 kiddos, plus your wives, thats 12 more people that might want to know how to make a pie crust from scratch, or how to make Prego sauce taste exceptional.

Let’s be frank. I hardly do anything without checking the internet out first, and if I’m honest, I figure you boys will be about the same. So, if you are going to look up the Chuck roast recipe, or the how to cook a turkey, or Dad’s definitive Red Velvet Cake, it’s probably best I put it here too.

Okay….maybe there is one more selfish reason for putting it here. I…may or may not want to just google it myself. The white binder is already getting full anyways.

Just know you boys are so loved!


P.S. I didn’t make this pie or write the little flour note. This pie was made by your Nana. She and Grandpa Doe came to visit in 2009, before any of you were here. When your Dad and I went to work, she made us a special pie before they left.

It’s the simple beautiful things that make life awesome.