“My Jesus is in my bag”…and other funny things you boys say!

Being a Stay at Home Mom is not what I expected.  Deciding to homeschool you boys is not what i expected.  Raising little boys altogether has not measured up to what I expected.

Forget those expectations.  Because my life, it’s better than I could have dreamed. Better than I could have hoped for.  I laugh more than I ever have in my life.  Daily life is exceptionally hysterical. I wish I could bottle up all of your cute sayings and keep them.  Maybe writing them down will be enough to hold onto them.  Here’s a few!


“Let’s go to the zoo.  The Zoo!  Cool, Cool!”

“I…want…gold…fish…pweese”  followed by “nu…tra…grain…bar…pweese”

On our trip to Yellowstone….

Graham:  “Look it’s a buffawo”

Mama:  “it’s a bison”

Graham: “Hi buffawo”

Mama: “It’s a bison Graham”

Graham:  “Bye Bye Buffawo!”  (Daddy is laughing hysterically at this point!  See, he called it a buffalo first, and Daddy is always right!)

“Look the snow mountains!…I wike snow mountains”

“Let’s go to the big truck…Daddy’s big truck”

“Draw a lion…and elephant, a turtle, a snake, a fish, a monkey”

“I need sandman the giraffe”

“I wuve you soooooooooo much”

“Oh no. This is terrible. We have to get daddy back”  (Daddy was at work)


“My Jesus is in my bag”!  (Referring to the felt board Jesus when asked where he put it)

“Tee-too”  (Justin’s early attempt at Thankyou)

“My Daddy, You’re Back! You Saved Me!”  (from who? Me? Sheesh)

“Dear God, Tankyou for toys…and bed…and poopoo…and peepee….and dinosaurs….and waffles…and Bubble Guppies…and trees…”  (this went on for a while)

“Dear God.  Thank you for Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus and the Angel and the Moose.”  (moose?)

Justin’s bedtime routine:

“A hug….(get’s a hug).  A Kiss (get’s a kiss).  My bear…My bag…my memets (magnets), my water, my train, my stickers, my coins…my pirates…”

“Can I hold it hands?”

“A hug and a kiss”

“Can I go to heaven to see Grandpa Doe and get chips and quest?” (there’s a good story there)


“Buppies”  (Bubble Guppies)

“Jewwey sanwich”  (Jelly Sandwich request at 20 months)


Maximus: “Night night”

Daddy:  “Hand me your water. It’s time for bed”

Maximus (in his crib, clutching his water) “Night-night”

Daddy:  “Maximus, give it to me.”

Maximus: “NIGHT.   NIGHT.”   (as if to say – “get out”.  And he says it very slowly and distinctly too. )


On doing anything wrong.

Mama:  “Max, don’t touch that”.

Max: “Daddyyyyyy!”

Dad (after he regains his composure):  “Max, your mother said don’t touch that.”

Max (even louder):  “Daddyyyyyyyyyyy”

(He knows how to make cute work for him in all scenarios.)


Hilarious things Mama has said: 

“Justin, put your poo-poo rocks in the potty” or “Let the pee-pee water out in the potty”

“Graham, get my toes out of your mouth”

“Your shirt is on backwards, inside out, and your head is coming out of the arms”.

“Wipe, Wush, and Wash”.

“No hitting your heads!”  (think mutual head bashing!)

“Max, take the bowl off of your head” (it was coated with syrup, jelly, or something otherwise sticky)

“Don’t drink the pool water” (and it was the local pool too – yuck!)

“Take your hands out of your diaper”

“Graham, get back in your chair and finish eating” times about a dozen with each meal

I plan to update this post a lot.