A Message for My Sons


Hi boys!  It’s Mama here.

I am creating this blog – my first – because I keep coming up with a problem.  I realize that no matter how much time I am blessed to have with you, it will never be enough to tell you everything I want to.  For that matter, I can’t remember everything as time goes on – age happens you know!

I’ve thought about writing a journal.  But then I’m not going to write it out 3 times! I thought about email. But they cancel those if no one goes into it for a while.  That leaves me with learning the ins and outs of the latest technological journal format – a BLOG.  I guess that makes me a Mommy Blogger.  Yikes!

Right now as I begin this blog, you boys are all 3 and under.  You’re little. Very little. And two of you are trying to climb in my lap this very moment.  I love you boys so much and I want to know that if I never again get the chance to tell you how much you are loved, you can visit these pages over the years and be reminded of that.