Homeschool Meltdowns

We all have this idea – when we contemplate homeschooling – that homeschooling is going to be a little bit like learning while our kids exist in a constant state of wonder.  The environment will be engaging, beautiful, insightful, and little minds will naturally gravitate to the knowledge being gently unrolled in before them.

That’s…such a pretty thought. And so very very wrong.

For most of us, acquiring knowledge is a bit of struggle!  Especially for little ones.

Learning to read, learning phonics, following directions, proper penmanship, learning math rules…it can be a lot.  Add to that, you’ve got a parent that just wants to finish the day’s material…

It just doesn’t go that smoothly and one of the biggest reasons is that we don’t “give” our kids a pass.  They actually have to do, and comprehend, the material. If they zone out, you are going to know it. Unlike traditional classrooms, they are not hidden in a class of 30.  This means they are being scrutinized a lot more too.  That scrutiny, that demand for completion and correct action is absolute and from their perspective, we as parents may seem relentless in our demands.

That can be a lot for any kid.  So, expect meltdowns.  They are unavoidable.  At our house, they happen en masse.  If one starts, the others join in – including the 2 year old for reasons I don’t understand.

I read a beautiful blog post here.  It said something insightful about meltdowns.  They are not a hindrance to learning.  They are the opportunity.

Meltdowns will happen because education is not about curriculum.  Education is about becoming.  “…if education is about formation–about becoming something other than we are–then meltdowns are an opportunity.”

I wish I could have put that into words.  Thankfully, another Mama who has been in the homeschooling trenches did it for me – because I needed to read that today.