David…and How He Gets the Title “A Man After God’s Own Heart”…

Hi Boys!  I have been reading in the news about a family that I really admire (the “Duggars”) and they have been going through a tough time.  You see, some news and bad history has been dug up and even though the whole family worked through the tough situation, the world is having a whole lot of fun throwing some serious stones.  It really bothers me to watch this happen.  But it reminds me of something that I just recently learned.  Believe it or not, I sent this to one of their blogs, hoping it might find them and give them some comfort. I doubt it will ever reach them, but I just wanted to help a little.  Sometimes, a little encouragement is all you need.  It occurred to me after I sent it to them, that this may be something one of you need to hear at some point in your life. I’ve edited it, and written a little more as I’ve given it more thought. Just know you are loved – by your Dad and me, and most importantly, by God himself.


I never understood the biblical David. Nor have I ever understood why this was a guy who God said “I have found David a man after My own heart”.   I struggled with this my entire childhood and long into adulthood. I mean, seriously. We knew more about David, his extended and twisted family, his illicit affair, his accidental love child, the murder he all but ordered, all to hide his mistakes…the list goes on.   And this is the guy after God’s own heart?   I admit, up until very recently, I allowed that I just didn’t understand God as well as I thought…or the scriptures were seriously exaggerating God’s feeling about David.

David was and did all of these things. But…but…his was living historical testamental proof that the value of our lives is not the sum of our mistakes. We find, like David, that God’s love and compassion are truly the miracle. And God knew something about David that I failed to see.

David spent an awful lot of time attempting to draw his people closer to God Himself. David wanted his people to know how much they each were loved by Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth…. So, using his gifts, David penned the Psalms.

Let’s be honest. There aren’t any other songs in the entire Bible.  Okay, excepting Solomon, but his were mostly word of wisdom, and interestingly Solomon is David’s son.  It sounds like he learned a thing or two from Dad. But I want to focus on David, the dad here.   David wrote song after song – and he was the King! These psalms were a comfort to his subjects 6,000 years ago, and they are a comfort to me, today, when I face life’s challenges.   (And I’ve yet to see an inspirational song come out of any politics anywhere since!)

You see,  it is during our greatest trials when we find it is not the words of some  seemingly perfect man we recall. We recall the words of a sinner…”Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…you are with me. Your rod and staff comfort me. “   You know the rest.

Another funny thing about David. He wasn’t just the King – he was THE King. This guy was a celebrity amongst the Jews. Still is really. To say he was adored is just an understatement. So, when it came time to chronicle his life…isn’t it kind of strange that in the sacred texts, all the dirt managed to get recorded too?

And don’t you think that David himself could have prevented it?

Instead, it’s almost as if he made sure it was there. We get very personal accounts of his thoughts, words, and actions – kind of like he wanted it all to be there. He wanted us to know the good and the bad. And after all that- ALL THAT…God says that this man is one after His own heart.

I get that now. David brought people to God. David wanted people to see the great lengths of God’s grace. So we have his psalms…and his unvarnished life. And this is what makes David a man after God’s own heart.  He really put himself out there in his writings.  If there is nothing else you get from David, you can know that he was all about the relationship with God.  Having a relationship with God was not just for a king or a priest. It was for each of us.  He wanted his people to know that.

Interestingly, Jesus said the same thing.  “Go to a room, close the door and speak to your Father in Heaven”.  Did you catch that he DIDN’T say, “Go to a room and talk to Me, Jesus, and I’ll relay your thoughts on to God”….

Isn’t that amazing.  I have to admit to you that in this moment, I don’t really understand all that I should about how the Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit works and I’m not sure I’m ever going to.  They seem to have some very specific roles though.  But the one that wants you talking to Him is God, your Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Kind of awesome isn’t it.

Kind of sad when you realize you spend so little of your time doing it. I guess that is what free will is all about.

I don’t know if this make sense to anyone else out there. But I feel strongly that I needed to share it.   May the Lord bless you, and keep you.

By the way, if you haven’t done it lately boys, call us sometime.  We always want to talk to you too.  It’s another of those things that make us understand God a little more as parents.  We really do need and cherish conversations with our kids and grandkids.


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